Hi SobatPro!

Now, KasPro has a new feature, called MasterPro which is a feature that allows you to make online transactions quickly on various E-commerce sites around the world as well as for online games, which is accompanied by consistent ease and convenience.

The features above definitely have advantages for you, SobatPro! For example, you want to shop online via Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, etc. or online shopping from abroad via Ebay & Amazon, so you can shop online safely, comfortably and quickly by using MasterPro. Because MasterPro gives you the option to enter your identity with a different name, so you can transact without worrying about your personal data being sabotaged.

You can also enjoy fast transactions, thanks to the collaboration between BNI and KasPro and supported by MastercardĀ®. MasterPro is the solution for those of you who want to #CanKeep shopping anytime and anywhere!

Curious how to register? Very simple! Just follow the steps below:

how to register masterpro
Open the app and select add masterpro
Fill in the required data
Click "Agree to Terms and Conditions"
Type your PIN
The transaction was successful and a proof of the masterpro purchase transaction will be shown
You will get notification of successful transaction
Your MasterPro account is now accessible

Want to use this cool feature? Download the KasPro app now by clicking the button below!

There are many advantages to using this MasterPro feature. Hurry up and use MasterPro right now, so you can #Keep shopping online wherever and whenever.

Terms and Condition

  1. MasterPro can be used by all KasPro application users.
  2. MasterPro can be used at any e-commerce/online merchants that support payment using Mastercard.
  3. Each user can create a MasterPro account 3 times at the same time. If the balance in the MasterPro account becomes 0 Rupiah, the MasterPro account will be deleted automatically.
  4. The maximum payment that can be made by 1 MasterPro account is 5 times.
  5. The minimum amount to top up in 1 MasterPro account is IDR 10,000, - and the maximum amount to top up in 1 MasterPro account is IDR 2,000,000.
  6. Every time a new MasterPro account is created, the user will be asked for an admin fee in the amount of IDR 5,000.
  7. The active period of a MasterPro account is 23 days, if the active period has ended, the balance will be returned to the KasPro account owned by the MasterPro user automatically.
  8. If the MasterPro account is deleted before the active period ends, the user can press the delete button available on the MasterPro account and the remaining balance will be sent to the user's KasPro account.
  9. MasterPro accounts with balances below 1000-rupiah will be automatically deleted when the active period ends and the funds in the MasterPro account will be returned to the KasPro wallet belonging to the user concerned.
  10. Each MasterPro user must maintain the confidentiality of information related to his MasterPro password or username.
  11. If there is a problem with the user's MasterPro account, KasPro will handle it within 3x24 hours.
  12. KasPro has the right to deactivate the user's MasterPro account without prior notification if KasPro finds indications of fraud committed by the user.
  13. These terms & conditions are an integral part of the legality of KasPro, the terms & conditions can change at any time without any prior notification."