The Latest Collaboration from Digiasia and Reliance Group
As the first Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS) company in Indonesia, Digiasia Bios continues to innovate and expand its financial technology services. This time through KasPro, a digital payment platform owned by PT Solusi Pasti Indonesia which is affiliated with Digiasia Bios, the company is collaborating again with Reliance Group and will present an application that is connected to electronic money services, namely the ReliPay digital wallet.

This digital wallet service co-branding is a continued collaboration between Digiasia Bios and Reliance Group. Previously, the partnership between the two companies had been successfully established and implemented through the Digiasia Bios affiliate product in the P2P Lending service, namely KreditPro. The continuation of this collaboration is expected to provide more convenience for the Reliance Group ecosystem and continue to support Digiasia Bios' vision to become a FaaS company in Indonesia.

Alexander Rusli as Co-Founder of Digiasia Bios said, "The collaboration with Reliance Group is a testament to our commitment to continue to develop the ecosystem network and create convenience through KasPro, one of which is the integration of our technology to expand digital and cashless services. It is hoped that through this step, business people and the general public can more easily adapt to the movement towards a Cashless Society in Indonesia”.

After all the technical requirements are met, the ReliPay digital wallet application will soon be able to be used by business people and all levels of society at large. They will later be able to more easily make transactions for purchasing credit or data packages, payments for PLN, PDAM, Internet & TV, Credit Cards, Telephone Bills, and other daily shopping payments. All these conveniences will be integrated with one ReliPay application.

Anggoro Prajesta as Director of PT Solusi Pasti Indonesia (KasPro) said, "We see an opportunity to innovate with the Reliance Group, and the collaboration that exists is intended to support the growth of financial digitalization in Indonesia. We also continue to improve KasPro technology and services so that they are always flexible according to needs and can be embedded in any application or ecosystem".

Separately, Anton Budidjaja as Commissioner of PT Reliance Integrasi Dunia Anda and also the person who has developed the ReliPay platform, as well as Founder & Chairman of Reliance Group said, "This second collaboration with an affiliate owned by Digiasia Bios is recognized as an additional step to support financial digitalization in Indonesia. We promote mutually beneficial partnerships and complement the advantages of each company. We continue to focus on helping users to make various digital payment transactions quickly and safely”.

KasPro itself until May 2022 has collaborated with several partners in reaching more consumers in all regions in Indonesia to create a sustainable financial inclusion ecosystem. The company successfully recorded more than 20 million transactions in the last year through the technology system presented.