Maxim's Continued Geographical Expansion Through KasPro Account Linkage on Maxim App

Jakarta, Indonesia - Since 2010 when online-based mass transportation first arrived in Indonesia, users of this mode of transportation have increased rapidly because its presence has made it easier for people to obtain transportation services more quickly and efficiently. This has led to competition in price, value or quality, trust in providers, and alternative choices that make consumers more selective in making choices. The large area in Indonesia makes Indonesian transportation players also strive to make various service innovations.


Maxim, which is KasPro's partner in Account Linkage services, has made various maneuvers to reach a larger transportation market in various regions in Indonesia. According to Insight Asia, in 2023 shows that digital payment mechanisms with e-wallets are the most widely used payment platforms with a percentage of up to 74% in Indonesia. Embedding Maxim Wallet KasPro in the Maxim app is part of Maxim's commitment to continue developing its services in alignment with digitizing service payment mechanisms.


Since the launch of Maxim services in Indonesia in 2018, according to Katadata Media Network, Maxim has become the second online transportation in Indonesia with an average monthly download of 892 thousand which is an increase of 15.39% from last year. Continuously expanding to tier 2 and tier 3 regions in Indonesia with a total target of 58 cities. Maxim's recently opened expansion areas are now available in more than 200 cities across all provinces in Indonesia and will continue to grow to reach more cities. The projected revenue generated from this expansion is expected to be significant, so that it can have an increasingly positive impact on the economy in Indonesia.


"KasPro will continue to support Maxim in providing easy digital payment services for Maxim application users. Through Maxim Wallet KasPro, proving this good collaboration will bring even greater impact to the online transportation system in Indonesia," said Alexander Rusli, Co-Founder of Digi Asia Bios.


In addition, digital payments using Maxim Wallet KasPro also provide a sense of security for users and drivers and can prevent the use of counterfeit money. Because the balance in the application will be kept safe because Maxim Wallet KasPro has received a license from Bank Indonesia. Digital payments also facilitate a faster and more practical transaction process because users can make payments using only a smartphone without having to provide cash. This encourages the creation of a cashless society to make life easier for Indonesians. In the future, Maxim will continue to roll out this digital payment in every Maxim service city throughout Indonesia.




About KasPro

KasPro is a mobile-based application with electronic money licensed by Bank Indonesia that allows users to perform financial transactions such as money transfers, money deposits, purchase of credit, data packages, or game vouchers, installment payments, bills (electricity, water, internet, insurance, taxes, etc.), or public transportation, as well as shopping at favorite merchants. KasPro also facilitates its users with payments and purchases using QR Codes. In addition, KasPro provides several cutting-edge features to consumers such as Virtual Account platform (DigiKasBisnis), electronic money top-up (TapCash BNI), and utility payments (School, Electricity & Multi-finance).



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