Supporting The Economic Recovery and Cashless Society
Jakarta - The realization of the government's agenda in bringing Indonesia towards a Cashless Society (digital/non-cash society) continues to show significant positive movements in recent years. Citing a report from Bank Indonesia, the total value of digital payment transactions (Digital Payment) from 2017 - to 2021 showed an increase of 122.89%.

Based on this data, Digiasia Bios, which is the first Fintech-as-a Service (FaaS) company in Indonesia, continues to prioritize technological advancements through its financial technology products. The company's commitment to providing products and services that can be a solution for the community, especially in terms of financial management, has so far succeeded in supporting more than 70 partners who are members of the Digiasia Bios ecosystem.

"As a company that operates on a digital basis, we continue to develop the ecosystem by integrating our technology to expand digital and cashless services with the aim that business people and society, in general, can more easily adapt to the movement towards a Cashless Society," said Rully Hariwinata as Chief Marketing Officer of Digiasia Bios.

Walking with the community towards Cashless Society is a step taken by Digiasia Bios, one of which is through KasPro, the company's digital payment platform, which has held an electronic money circulation license and QRIS from Bank Indonesia since May 2018. KasPro has also been PCI DSS certified by QRC Solution, which it is increasingly possible to help people make various digital payment transactions quickly and safely. With a partnership system, KasPro provides financial solutions to partners and potential partners through varied and customizable services; features and services can be tailored to your needs.

“We understand that every business and market needs related to digital payments are different from each other. For this reason, we continue to improve KasPro technology and services so that they are always flexible according to needs and can be embedded in any application or ecosystem. We do this to continue to support the financial transformation of our partners, encourage improvement and strengthen their overall competitiveness," said Anggoro Prajesta, Director of PT Solusi Pasti Indonesia (KasPro)

The mission carried out by KasPro is recognized by Anggoro as a big step to support the spread of digital financial literacy in Indonesia. This can be seen from the total cooperation that has been established through the B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumers) business model offered by KasPro. To date, nearly 1 million users have been acquired through KasPro services from all over Indonesia.

Anggoro explained that the amount of access to KasPro services was also greatly affected due to the process of adapting to changes in digital use habits after the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only from KasPro, but Digiasia Bios also through its other financial products such as P2P Lending (KreditPro), Remittance (RemitPro), and Digital Financial Services (Digibos), which continues to deliver innovations to support the recovery of the national economy to equitable distribution of the economy across all levels of Indonesian society.

The ecosystem that has been formed by Digiasia Bios and its partners is now not only in the financial industry, but also includes various other industries including FMCG, Retail, and others. This is certainly evidence to encourage and motivate us to continue to present the best innovations and support the progress of the community's economy in the future," concluded Rully.